Free audio guides will help you discover the most spectacular street art

“Hear what your city walls are saying,” is the invitation to residents and guests of the capital, sent by the unique open-air international street art gallery Vilnius, which presents virtual and completely free audio tours, instantly accessible to users with Android smartphones with the new app.

TELMO MIEL (NL) “Leading (re)generation” Alano Ščerbakovo („Kvality“) nuotr.

The antidote for colds
The Open Gallery, which has been operating in the courtyard of the Loftas art factory in the new town district of the capital for several years, invites art gourmets to try as many as five audio tours adapted to the different needs of gallery visitors. The unique project has been running since 2016 and is open year-round to large and small lovers of alternative impressions. Earlier, before the quarantine, the colorful drawings of Lithuanian and foreign artists on the walls of the factories, impressive large-scale light installations and sculptures exhibited in the gallery were creatively presented by professional guides.
However, the pandemic completely stopped such activities. Art remained almost invisible. One of the initiators and creators of this project, creator Živilė Diawara, says that the idea of ​​creating tours accessible to everyone has become more relevant than ever, right now, during quarantine. “Every day I see how badly people lack fresh ideas, new inspirations and impressions, just culture. Many are experiencing extreme pain not only from fear of the unknown and the future, but also from the growing lack of visual and creative stimuli on a daily basis. I am convinced that the open-air street art gallery on the site of the former Elfa factory is a great opportunity to take on new winds and ideas in complete safety, a great place to enrich yourself and broaden your ever-narrowing horizons. Art becomes especially important during a pandemic, I am sure that culture can help us avoid depression, frustration, inspire hope and patience, what we all need so much now, ”about how the idea of ​​creating free mobile phones available on every mobile phone came about. audio guides, says one of the ideological authors of this project Ž. Diawara.

Živilė Diawara prie GUILLAUME HERR-ZEKANOWSKI (FR) kūrinio “RGNR8”
Ligitos Galiauskaitės nuotr.

The tours will shock and enrich you
Visitors will be invited to explore the art by five different audio tours, so it is recommended to bypass the works exhibited in the gallery during several visits. “The long tour is intended for those who love completeness and want to learn more about the work of art, the history of its emergence and the artist who created it. I must mention that among the creators of urban art exhibited here are the most famous masters of street art in the country, as well as foreign artists exhibiting their works all over the world, working with the most famous brands. A short, 30-minute guide, perfect for those in a hurry. Such a tour can be taken, even during the lunch break. And we also have three guides for those who look at art completely differently than we are used to. These unique trips, I promise, will not only broaden your horizons, but also shock and have fun, ”says one of the creators of the Open Gallery project Ž. At the same time, Diawara recommends trying out other tours, such as Elfa, Bankuchen Road and Hip-Hop Rhythm.

JUSTINAS ŽOŽO (LT) „Laisvas Nino” / “Free Nino” Donato Petkevičiaus nuotr.

A unique experience
Lukas Šidlauskas, the creator of the Bankuchen Road tour, looks at art in an ironic way, so it will be difficult to refrain from invading the Open Gallery. “Luke’s creative approach is surprising at every step. I think in 45 minutes, following in his footsteps, you’ll really smile a lot. Artistic snobbery, the love of his lovers to roll his nose and other witty remarks do not slip through the sight of Festive Bankuchen. Luke’s unique approach to art and the world is surprising and, at the same time, inspires new ideas. “The Hip-Hop Rhythm Tour is a 45-minute free work by rapper Rokas Grajauskas-Jama, presenting the most impressive works of artists on display in the gallery. Well, the Elfa tour is intended for sworn history lovers, giving them the opportunity to learn about the history of one of the largest factories in the capital, which has been operating in this place for many years, and at the same time discover and better understand the artwork that now adorns the gallery. I think that there is a choice for even the most picky people, ”says Ž. Diawara.
In the yard of the former ELFA factory, every Android user can try free audio tours of the Open Gallery mobile app, see how street art revives the vanishing industrial city walls and discover the unprecedented face of Vilnius. The ios version, available for iPhone users, should be available soon.
As soon as you get off at the Sparta stop, you will see the wall of the ELFA bar & kitchen with the first piece, which is where the Open Gallery audio tours begin. Here you will find a gallery map and free Wi-Fi, so you can download the mobile app and start your colorful journey.