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The first and only unique international open-air street art gallery in Vilnius, open and free 24/7 all year round for big and small lovers of alternative experiences. At Open Gallery you will have the opportunity to see how street art is helping to revive the walls of the industrial part of the city and to discover the unseen face of the Lithuanian capital.
The gallery features paintings on factory walls by more than 50 Lithuanian and foreign artists, as well as impressive large-scale light installations and sculptures. It is an ongoing project, with new long-term works and installations added every year. Want to join the existing artists? Fill in the form.

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The gallery is located in the former epicentre of the capital’s most intensive industrial zone. For many years, one of the capital’s largest factories, the ELFA electrical engineering factory, operated here. Its products are renowned for their exceptional quality outside Lithuania. Music fans often dropped by to see how Elfa’s tape recorders and record players were made. In the past, Elfa existed as a separate town in the city – with its own sauna, hairdressing salon, sculpture park with fountains and the largest two-storey canteen in Vilnius.

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The ELFA legacy

The former ELFA factory site has been the site of many conversions. Instead of replacing the former derelict factory, it has been replaced not only by OPEN GALLERY, but also by many other active cultural and creative venues. The LOFTAS is located in the former noisiest part of the factory, the stamping shop, and the ELFA bar is next door, where you will not only always find something to eat or quench your thirst, but also have the opportunity to visit the ELFA museum and maybe even listen to an old cassette tape recorder. In the Elfa Bar you can see the various machines and the sound equipment that was very popular at the time and was produced by thousands of people.


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